Food Safety: Pesticides and Fruit

fruitThe Hong Kong Center for Food Safety has a monthly Food Safety newsletter; this September has a good article about pesticides and fruit. One of their comments:

Advice to the Public

Fruits are an essential component of a healthy diet. Members of the public
are advised to take a balanced diet and eat a variety of fruits so as to
avoid excessive exposure to contaminants from a small range of food

Fruits should be washed thoroughly before consumption and for those
who wish to further reduce their intake of pesticides, they may peel fruit
before consumption.

The same Hong Kong newsletter also has a 3-part series on pesticide residues in food: here are the links for part one, part two and part three. Or, you can access the more attractive and bilingual PDF newsletters part one, part two and part three.

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon another good Hong Kong website with good bilingual information sheets, this one about pesticides, from the AFCD (Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department).

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