Air Pollution: Do Your Schools Have Action Plans?

Air pollution is a growing problem in many urban areas. Many people may not realize that over the last five years there is a lot of new research proving more serious health effects at lower levels than we had previously thought. The danger is especially acute in children, whose lungs are not fully formed and therefore more vulnerable. Now, there’s a great new review as well as a patient handout to explain the basics. It’s from my specialty’s Journal of the American Family Physician. Their recently published review (Outdoor Air Pollutants and Patient Health) describes the main culprits of air pollution.

It also discusses the US EPA’s Air Quality Index as well as action plan. Notice how the recommendation states how levels over 200 are “very unhealthy” and that “everyone should avoid all physical activity outdoors“. How many of us do that? Does your school have an air pollution action plan? The action plan is below:

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