“New York Times Columnist”: Has A Nice Ring To It, No?

Richard Saint Cyr portraitLong before I was even considering medicine, I loved to write. I spent my undergraduate years at Columbia absorbing books and writing poems and comedy skits between my exams. But my favorite routine was devouring the New York Times each morning, delivered to my dorm door.  Now, twenty five years, thousands of miles and many hats later, I am incredibly honored to announce that I am now on the New York Times payroll — as a health columnist for their online China edition. I will have a monthly column focusing on public health issues in China. My first column is published today, which you can read here. Unfortunately, the NYT’s websites are currently blocked in China, so you will either need a VPN or just wait a week when I republish here on my blog. You can also read the original English article here: Which Lifestyle Choice in China Will Kill You First?

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One thought on ““New York Times Columnist”: Has A Nice Ring To It, No?”

  1. That’s great – congratulations. I am about to relocate to Beijing for a year, and have found your website to be invaluable. Keep it up!

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