Empathy: The Most Touching Video I’ve Ever Seen

In our busy lives, it’s all too easy to be short tempered with strangers, especially in crowded cities such as Beijing. A grumpy waitress; a busy doctor; a biker whizzing past you. Instead of our usual initial reaction of stress and anger, wouldn’t it be great to stop ourselves first and think, “maybe they’ve just had a long day. Or maybe their loved ones are sick…” It’s called empathy, and this video below is a wonderful reminder that everyone we meet has their own stories, their own troubles and secrets. It’s the most touching video I’ve ever seen, a miracle of editing at only 4 minutes, and a gift from the Cleveland Clinic. Their original is here but it’s only on Youtube; below is the China-friendly version via Sina Video. Please share!


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2 thoughts on “Empathy: The Most Touching Video I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. Sorry but I didn’t find it so touching. It looks a bit fake to me. I guess they are all actors. Plus it is way too long, this kind of vid should never last longer than 1 min. I got the message in less than 45 sec.

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