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About Me

I am a board-certified family medicine physician with clinical experience since 2001 both in the U.S. and China. I am from the U.S. I completed a bachelor’s degree in English at Columbia University (New York) before turning my interests to the medical field. I received my medical degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine (USA) and his Family Medicine specialty certification from the University of California, San Francisco program at Sutter Santa Rosa Medical Center. In February 2007, I moved to Beijing.

While in China for ten years, I was the Director of Clinical Marketing and Communications for United Family Healthcare (United Family Healthcare), China’s largest and most prestigious private group of internationally accredited hospitals in China. I was a health columnist for the New York Times China edition, the first international posting for a medical blogger based on his experience in China’s social media space. I still have a large media presence in China, and my wellness blog My Health Beijing is a popular medical Web site both in China as well as the world. I was a featured health columnist for Beijingkids magazine and have appeared in multiple other formats in China, including CCTV Crossover, BON TV, China Daily, Global Times, Time Out, the Beijinger, CityWeekend, the Atlantic Cities, and CRI EZFM Radio. I also have a popular microblog on Weibo at 圣西睿智全科医生

I left China in August of 2016 and moved to Bainbridge Island, across from Seattle. I now work as a family doctor at Swedish Bainbridge Island Primary Care Clinic.

My Mission:

I started this website to provide evidence-based medical information, discussed in an easy format for adults and children. The emphasis is on family health and wellness. There are a lot of confusing and contradictory signals out there as to what works for your health; so I hope I can be your guide to proper prevention of disease, which for a family doctor is just as important as treating the disease. I welcome all comments and suggestions!

Please don’t forget that my advice should be used to complement, and not to replace, advice from your own health doctors. Also, you can relax that I am not collecting any personal data, nor am I selling any visitor logs to anyone. I have strict ethical codes on this site, which is why I have been approved by the HONCode of trusted medical websites, a UN-approved NGO.

Advertising and Sponsorship:

My website currently has no sponsorship. I do use Google Ads as small revenue. My editorial content is not influenced by Google Ads sources. I do not control the Google ads’ content.  I do not receive any money for any recommendations or specific products I discuss.  My website hosts advertising banners only. Advertisements should be distinguished by the word ‘Advertisement’ above them.


I do not keep any information from readers and don’t sell any data.

I use Google Analytics to analyze the audience of the website and improve my content. No personal information is collected from Google Analytics. For further information on the privacy policy concerning Google Analytics, please go here,

Posting Comments:

Comments are welcome under each post. Anyone is welcome to comment. Each comment is sent to me for pre-approval. Please use respect for others in your posts. You can edit your comments after they go up. No one is allowed to use comments to advertise. Please provide references to medical articles when discussing specific information. You must post information which is true and correct to your knowledge.


If I later change an article, I would say so in the article with “ADDENDUM” or “NOTE” along with the date changed.


Richard Saint Cyr MD

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