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Exercise: More and More Evidence of Benefit

Since this is a wellness blog, I feel a constant urge to get readers more enthusiastic about one of life’s pleasures — exercise. Here’s yet another article from the New York Times (Personal Health – Studies Show Further Health Benefits of Exercise) which details the latest medical literature regarding exercise’s many benefits for:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes

It’s an easy read and may give you a little push to start your routine!

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Exercise: Weight Gain, or Weight Loss?

After many years of practicing medicine, I must admit that weight loss is one of the hardest goals for anyone to achieve, and that doctors have very little to offer in terms of prevention and really effective treatments. The main advice is always diet and exercise, but many people report that they do a lot of exercise already and still gain (or don’t lose) the excess pounds.… Read the rest

Running Barefoot: Better Than Sneakers?

All you runners spending a paycheck on the latest running gear may want to know that mounting evidence suggests barefoot is better. There’s a fascinating review in the latest Scientific American (Observations: Running barefoot is better, researchers find) that reviews the latest medical literature, including a recent article in Nature that analyzed stress patterns of barefoot runners.… Read the rest