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Chicken Soup: Can It Really Fight A Cold?

chickensoupSo was your mother actually correct in telling you to finish your chicken soup because it’s good for you? Perhaps.

Chicken soup has been considered an aid to the common cold and flu for centuries, by many cultures. In 2001 an interesting research paper (link at bottom of post) showed that chicken soup actually slowed down neutrophil activity and movements in test tubes.… Read the rest

H1N1: You Want Data? You Got it

h1n1By now, everyone in Beijing is either: 1. recovered from having H1N1; 2. tired of hearing about H1N1; or 3. recovered and tired of hearing about it. But one common theme in discussions remains the uncertainty around the vaccine. Well, finally, there is a lot of real data last week that I wanted to share with you: hard numbers on safety that hopefully will raise up future debates with more facts.… Read the rest

Pregnant Women: Are You Vaccinated Against Flu?

It’s almost like a tidal wave, this outpouring of fear and misinformation regarding flu vaccines. I hope to provide evidence-based data for people to review and provide a basis for a well-informed discussion. Here’s an update: regarding pregnant women, every reputable public health agency is not just recommending but strongly recommending that all pregnant women get both seasonal as well as H1N1 vaccine (when/if available).… Read the rest