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Bladder & Prostate Problems: Which Alternative Medicines Work?

I plan for this website to focus more on alternative medicines and overall wellness; this will include Chinese as well as more “Western” complementary medicines. So, let’s talk about the very popular home remedies involving urinary tract issues. Many women with bladder infections (“cystitis”, UTIs) use cranberry juice, and many men swear that saw palmetto works for their enlarged prostate symptoms.… Read the rest

Mammograms & PSA: To Screen or Not to Screen?

Cancer is one of the last great scourges of humanity, and modern medicine has designed many tests that can screen for cancers. The most popular are mammograms for women, and prostate checks for men. The whole point of a screening test is to do as little harm as possible, to detect something that can be treated, and overall society would benefit from less of this disease.… Read the rest

Diabetes: Avoid Medicines With Mediterranean Diet

diabetesDiabetes is the disease of high sugars in your system; it is a potentially devastating disease for many people, and it is reaching epidemic proportions among all societies that have more of an American diet (including China). It is definitely a lifestyle disease; each person’s dietary intake, exercise and weight issues play a huge factor in whether or not you get the disease.… Read the rest