What's the Real Data on Alternative Rx for Colds & Flu?

Yes, we are definitely in flu season. And yes, most of it is probably H1N1. But most everyone is doing fine. I still recommend the vaccine for high risk groups that can get it, but it’s a personal decision, and I can’t even convince my wife to get it! So, let’s focus more on natural prevention and treatments.

As we all know, there’s precious little that Western allopathic medicine can do to prevent, or even treat, the common cold. That’s why complementary and alternative therapies are very popular, but it’s very difficult to sift through the internet and find evidence-based data. I’ve mentioned a few great sources of information before, especially the webpage from Natural Medicines Database. Now, there’s a new review of the best data from the well-regarded Medscape. The article is called Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies for Cold and Flu Season: What Is the Science?. I’ll let the two articles speak for themselves. People should also be aware of a good U.S. government website, the NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine specifically set up to research all types of such medicine.

Personally, I am a big fan of jumping on natural medicines as soon as I feel any symptoms coming on. That would usually include Airborne tables, but I recently discovered and switched to ColdWar tablets that I found in America. Overall, my main focus involves vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, andrographis — and of course, black chicken soup with fresh ginger and garlic! What do you use?

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