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Naturopathic Medicine: A Holistic View of Health

I’m happy to announce that naturopathic doctor Melissa Rodriguez is now offering her services here at the International Medical Center. What is naturopathic medicine, you may ask? Here’s Melissa’s excellent review:

These days many people know about the availability of natural medicines like herbal remedies, homeopathy, and the use of vitamins and minerals to treat and prevent disease.… Read the rest

Acupuncture: What’s It Good For — Or Not?

One of my continuing goals while working as a doctor in China is to find traditional Chinese medicines and practices that I can integrate into my Western, allopathic-style family practice. As I’ve reported a few times, I’ve been struggling to find Chinese herbal medicines that I am comfortable prescribing, usually due to lack of evidence for a clear benefit.… Read the rest

Detoxify Your Body: The Basics

The following article is written by guest author Dr. Melissa Rodriguez, N.D. Her website address is

For many expats, living in a busy metropolitan city has many advantages. Benefits include exposure to a different language and culture, a plethora of delicious foods to excite the palate, and the chance to live unique, life altering experiences.… Read the rest