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Don’t Like Dairy But Need Your Calcium? Eat These

Did you know only 10% of teen girls in the USA get enough calcium? That’s an astonishingly depressing stat from the American Academy of Pediatric’s fascinating position paper on calcium (available here for free). Let’s show that graph right now:

calcium intake children

This graph clearly shows a couple points:

  • Most infants are doing great with their calcium, thanks to breast and formula milks.
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Chinese Spring Festival Eve: As Unhealthy As Thanksgiving?

Next week’s Spring Festival will already be my sixth here in Beijing, and Spring Festival Eve is always one of the highlights of my year. My wife and I spend a wonderful evening with our Chinese in-laws, and all two dozen of us will gorge for hours on endless rounds of dumplings and snacks, drink all types of alcohol and juices, and happily shout at the TV screen as another awful performer lip syncs yet another tacky ballad.  … Read the rest