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Multivitamins: Again, Studies Show They Are Useless For Most of Us

I’ve blogged a couple of times about this, and now a trio of studies seriously underscoresĀ what I previously mentioned: a multivitamin is a waste of money for the vast majority of people taking them. Including myself.

I actually had stopped taking them a couple of years ago but recently restarted — not for any particularly good reason, I admit.… Read the rest

Great News: Something Actually Helps Fight The Common Cold — Zinc!

zinc common coldI’ve often complained, along with the rest of the world, that there is no magic pill yet designed to cure the world’s most common illness — the common cold. But now, there is some hope! There’s an excellent meta-analysis by the well-respected Cochrane Library which now says what some docs had been touting for years — that zinc supplements, when taken within 24 hours of cold symptoms, can truly improve symptom severity and length, as well as lower risk of needing antibiotics.… Read the rest

Vitamin D — It's Trendy! Oh, Wait, Hold On A Minute…

Last year I bragged about vitamin D and the evidence showing benefits in multiple arenas, especially for fighting colds and flu. I even started taking 2,000 IU a day of vitamin D3.

But now…one wonderfully annoying thing about medicine is that one headline will say “medicine A is great for disease X”, but wait a couple years and another famous journal will contradict it — thus frustrating doctors and confusing the public.… Read the rest

Your Health in 2010: Any Major Changes? Here Are Mineā€¦

So how was your 2010, health-wise? Do you feel more or less healthy? For me personally, it was a continuing slow improvement of my overall wellness, and I continue to be fortunate in having no major illnesses. I did make a few changes which I’d like to share with readers (and perhaps you can share your changes in the comments section under the article):

Change #1: I stopped taking a multivitamin.Read the rest