Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer?

Every so often, I hear people mention the dangers of cell phones, and I usually dismissed that idea. But now there does seem to be growing evidence that long term use of cell phones may indeed increase the risk of some brain cancers, especially in children. The article below discusses this latest information, especially from an August publication which reviews the literature. Some of the publication’s findings:

Cell phones can be made safer, and the technology to do so exists right now. For example, said Mr. Morgan, “you can get a 10,000-fold reduction in exposure simply by keeping the phone 6 inches away from the head.”

There are also steps that can be taken right now to make cell phones safer to use, he said. These include using a wired headset (not a wireless headset such as a Bluetooth), using speaker-phone mode, or sending text messages; keeping the phone away from the body when not in use; avoiding use in a moving car, train, or bus, or in rural areas at some distance from a cell tower, because any of these uses will increase the power of the cell phone’s radiation; and keeping the cell phone turned off until you need to use it.

The authors also recommend using a corded land-line phone whenever possible, instead of a wireless phone, and to avoid cell phones when inside buildings, particularly with steel structures. Since children face a greater health risk, they should not be allowed to sleep with a cell phone under their pillows or at the bedside, said Mr. Morgan. Ideally, those younger than 18 years should not use a cell phone at all, except for emergencies.

Again, there is definitely no medical or scientific consensus of a threat, and other studies are pending which may help settle this. But given some of this more recent information, perhaps it is a good idea for hard-core mobile users to think about simple things like always using a headset, or restricting use for children. Some countries, including the UK and France, are already starting to impose such restrictions. Very provocative reading…

Article: Cell Phones and Brain Cancer — Jury Still Out .

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  1. Hi Doc, thanks for the information. I never sleep with my phone under my pillow anymore.

    I have a question though, are the wireless signals from Wi-Fi bad for you too?

    I have a wireless router 2 meters away from my bed.


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