And Now For a Mental Break…

It recently occurred to me that I’ve become a bit of a Doctor Doom and Gloom, so I’m going to lighten things up a little. On weekend posts I’ll focus on what everyone should be doing; relaxing, reconnecting with family, recentering themselves and having fun! So, today’s post is simply a nice photo from my photography website. It’s a photo of the vineyards in Sonoma county on a typically foggy morning. It’s beautiful, and I was wonderfully lucky to take this drive every morning as I drove to my community clinic deep in the redwoods. You can click here or on the photo for more examples of the paradise that is Sonoma. Yes indeed, it was very, very difficult to give up real blue sky days and my tomato garden. But, my wife is very persuasive, and after three years here in Beijing we have zero regrets.

Vineyard Fog

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