Do-It-Yourself Soy Milk with Protein Powder

Breakfast is an important start to your day, and many of us are “too busy” to eat this essential meal. I have a good option for my readers: a highly nutritious powdered mixture of nuts and seeds, added to freshly homemade soymilk. It’s fast, really easy, tastes great, and gives you all the energy you need for the morning.

First, Make Your Own Soy Milk

It is surprisingly easy to make your own soy milk! I’ve been doing it for a couple years now and I love it. I live in China now, and it’s very common to get a soy milk machine from our local stores. In America, simply go to and search for “soy milk machine” and you will get a lot of options. In China, the best brand is Joyoung and I see a lot of those as well on Amazon. There’s nothing like the rich taste of warm, freshly made soy milk; plus, there are no additives as well.

Preparation is super easy; you simply pour in a tiny cup of soy beans, then press the button, and the machine grinds and cooks the beans. Presto, within 10-15 minutes you and your family have fresh milk! There’s usually enough left over for another day or two. You can first soak the beans overnight as well, but I’ve found the taste to be the same either way.

You can also experiment with any beans you like, or even add nuts for extra taste.

Now For The Superfood

I also add a couple tablespoons of grounded nuts and herbs to my morning soy milk and make a nice protein and nutrient-rich superfood. Here in China, each big supermarket has a corner where they grind up whatever you choose and put it in lusciously warm and fragrant bags to take home. Readers can do the same thing at home simply by buying the same ingredients in bulk and grinding them up themselves with whatever they have: a blender or coffee grinder works well.

Which foods should you choose? Almost anything! We usually mix black sesame, walnuts, dates, almonds and yam, but we always mix it up and experiment.

Why Is This A Superfood?

This breakfast combo is much more nutritious than any sugary cereal or coffee-and-bagel combo. The fat, protein and nutrients in such a mixture can really give you a morning boost — especially for schoolkids, who notoriously skip out on breakfast and drag around in their morning classes until lunch. Also, there’s even more evidence than before that nuts (such as walnuts and almonds) are very healthy, and can even help lower cholesterol as well as regulate diabtes and blood pressure.

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