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Natural Ways To Prevent H7N9 And Other Viruses

What can you do right now to prevent getting the flu? As H7N9 continues to dominate our health headlines, I thought I’d continue my refresher course on prevention of this and other viruses. I’ve already discussed the specific tips for preventing H7N9 bird flu as well as getting a good night’s sleep; now let’s go over the actual evidence for the many herbal and non-prescription methods to prevent colds and flu.… Read the rest

Don’t Want To Get H7N9 Flu? Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

As this H7N9 infection slowly gains steam, I thought I’d continue to post some quick updates, on top of my previous article mentioning prevention. I wanted to again mention a fascinating 2009 study from the Archives of Internal Medicine which proved that getting less than 7 hours of sleep dramatically increased your risk of getting infection from common viruses.… Read the rest