Sexually Transmitted Diseases: New Slideshow

STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately, this is a major problem I see in my clinic almost every day. There’s a lot of anxiety and embarrassment about this issue, and also a lot of misinformation out there. I think it’s a very important topic to discuss rationally and without embarrassment, so I hope my presentation below can help people understand better.… Read the rest

Food Poisoning — Slideshow

I see a lot of food poisoning in my clinic, especially in the summer, when the hot temperatures make it even harder to preserve food properly. Below is my slide show which highlights the symptoms, causes, prevention and treatments.


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The Common Cold — Slideshow

Below is my Powerpoint presentation on the common cold. This is a supplement to my article on the common cold.

Click on the “Full” icon to watch the slideshow on full screen


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H1N1 Flu: The Basics

There’s been a lot of anxiety and uncertainly regarding the current H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic. I’ve been givingĀ a Powerpoint presentation to local embassies and staff in Beijing, and you can now see it live and onscreen below.

H1 N1

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by family doctor Richard Saint Cyr MD