Sexually Transmitted Diseases: New Slideshow

STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately, this is a major problem I see in my clinic almost every day. There’s a lot of anxiety and embarrassment about this issue, and also a lot of misinformation out there. I think it’s a very important topic to discuss rationally and without embarrassment, so I hope my presentation below can help people understand better. And one crucial point: you can be a carrier of one of these diseases and have no symptoms, but pass it along to new partners. That’s why it is crucial to be screened and tested, especially if you have a new partner. And I’m not just worried about HIV; the far more common bacterias of chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause serious problems, especially infertility in women.

New Article: The Common Cold

Everyone is focused on the H1N1 flu this summer, but don’t forget the regular old ganmao (the common cold). This viral infection is very common, but unfortunately the treatments aren’t too useful. Fortunately, there is a lot of OTC and home care treatment, and seeing a doctor is usually not needed. Also, you do not need antibiotics for the common cold! Read more here in this article, listed under the Illness section.

Website of the Week: Natural Medicines Database

There is a lot of bad information on the internet regarding herbs and supplements for health. Many websites are full of self-promoting testimonials, or even direct sales advertising for their products.  It’s very difficult to find non-biased information and research results. This website, Natural Medicines Database, is a terrific source for both consumers and medical professionals. Especially useful is their free Clinical Management Series of evidence-based research on major illnesses. Much of the rest of the website requires a fee.