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The Top Supplements of 2009

One of my favorite consumer websites is from ConsumerLab.com; they perform independent testing of the common supplements, herbs and vitamins that most of us use. Consider it the Consumer Reports of supplements. They charge to use the site but they have a free weekly newsletter, which this week had the following survey results of the most common supplements of 2009:

Fish oil/omega-3 supplements were used by 74.0% of respondents (up from 71.6% in 2008), followed in popularity by multivitamins, which were used by 72% (down from 73.8% in the prior year). 
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Vitamin D: It's The New Black

Vitamin D has become very trendy and popular in both popular and medical literature over the last couple years. In fact, there’s growing evidence that indeed this is one vitamin that almost everyone may benefit from. I haven’t taken extra supplements of this before, but after reviewing the latest papers I’m seriously considering taking a special supplement.… Read the rest