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Vitamin D: It's The New Black

Vitamin D has become very trendy and popular in both popular and medical literature over the last couple years. In fact, there’s growing evidence that indeed this is one vitamin that almost everyone may benefit from. I haven’t taken extra supplements of this before, but after reviewing the latest papers I’m seriously considering taking a special supplement.… Read the rest

Breast Cancer: Do You Know Your Lifetime Risk?

The New York Times has an excellent series of articles, called “Forty Years’ War”, reviewing medicine’s efforts to fight cancer over the last forty years. This weekend’s article reviews the important issue of prevention of breast and prostate cancer. For both diseases, there are well documented studies that show a decrease in new cases of those cancers with specific medicines taken over many years.… Read the rest

Mammograms & PSA: To Screen or Not to Screen?

Cancer is one of the last great scourges of humanity, and modern medicine has designed many tests that can screen for cancers. The most popular are mammograms for women, and prostate checks for men. The whole point of a screening test is to do as little harm as possible, to detect something that can be treated, and overall society would benefit from less of this disease.… Read the rest